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Original medicine 

This program is a  psycho-spiritual cross-cultural mindfulness approach to the teachings that weave together indigenous wisdom, mindfulness, and earth-based practices in order to integrate seasons and the transitions between the seasons as cross-cultural mindfulness tools.  In indigenous societies, there are long-standing practices of creating the sacred, cultivating stillness and embracing silence. They  cherish being in nature and conducting rituals to acknowledge the coming changes in the world around them and within themselves. 

community healing council

The practice of the healing council is based on indigenous wisdom that integrates psycho-spiritual experiences of self-development.  Our approach to healing the collective is from a holistic understanding of cultivating authenticity.

Current offerings

Original Medicine 4-Part Series

This program is a psycho-spiritual, cross-cultural, mindfulness approach that weaves Indigenous Wisdom, Buddha-Dharma, and Earth-based practices. We will work with each Season as a teacher, so that we might unify ourselves with the Natural world.

In Indigenous societies, there are long-standing practices of honoring the sacred, cultivating stillness, embracing silences, and forming a relationship to deep listening; these practices open our hearts to the mysteries of life. They are the messengers that guide us back to the wisdom of our precious hearts.

We invite you to explore the possibilities that lay within, allowing authenticity to emerge as Original Medicine.


April 1, 2023 (Registration Open)

Original Medicine 4-Part Series

Healing the Broken Links to Ancestors and Nature

with Mbali Marais

April 1, 2023, Saturday

9:00 am - 11:00 am PST

Knowing that you love nature can change you.  It invites us into a relationship based on what we love we protect and celebrate. If we only take and feel nature owes us we have broken the links to a relationship based on Nature’s law of respect, integrity and sacred reciprocity. These same broken links are interconnected with our ancestral legacies. Join Mbali as she explores the radical  concept of the genocide of consciousness through separation from nature and ancestors as a deliberate act that brings about a spiritual  destruction to a  peoples. This rift creates  broken links that disconnects us  from  our ancestors and the deep layers of Nature's bounty on all levels.



Mbali Marais

Elder Diviner & Medicine Woman

Mbali is a descendant of a Khoi Khoi ( Khoi Khoi means -The Real People) peoples on her mother’s side from the Western Cape, South Africa and the Amaghebe clan of the Xhosa peoples on her father’s side in the Eastern Cape. She is mother to a Xhosa boy (who came into her life when he was 9 years old) a sister, daughter, aunt, mother to many. Her lineages include Dagara west Africa (adopted) Bushmen, Shangan, Grique, Khoi Khoi, Dutch, French Hugeunots and Portuguese.

Mbali Marais is the founder of the Return to Origin non-profit 

organization. an organization that works with young underserved people in South Africa to return them to their origins. She has facilitated the three year Indigenous Knowledge Leadership Program and graduated leaders where inner and outer work are at the heart of transformation.

Original medicine YEARLONG PROGRAM

February 7 - December 5, 2023

*Registation Closed

Indigenous societies recognize individuals holding our personal power as Original Medicine. The shadow of the false self is purified as we strengthen our authentic self through the practice of coming home to our truth and power. The teachings of Buddha and Indigenous wisdom build this foundation of truth, trust, and love. 


Together we will explore ways of come into our own Original Medicine and enhance our personal growth and purpose.



yearlong program dates


Tuesdays 6:00-8:30pm PST

February 7 and 28

March 14 and 28

April 11 and 25

May 9 and 23

June 13 and 27

July 11 and 25

August 8 and 22

September 12 and 26

October 10 and 24

November 14 and 28

December 5

** Due to COVID19 all class are on Zoom**  

On the Land

Wolf Dream Mountain/Philippines

Dates to be announced.


About The Teachers


Carol Cano, M.A.

Carol Cano, M.A., began her practice over 30 years ago at Wat Kow Tahm in Thailand and has actively engaged in building communities and teaching Dharma internationally.  She is a teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center.  She is a core teacher and a former board member of East Bay Meditation Center. Carol co-founded Philippine Insight Meditation Community in the Philippines.

Her unique teachings are deeply grounded in Basque, Native American and Buddhist influences that braid the Dharma along with indigenous wisdom and Earth-based practices. Her psychology background gives

her a unique view into the human condition, which helps her hold community in a compassionate and confident manner.  Carol reminds us to keep grounded in our hearts as we uphold spiritual ideals and encourages us to remain balanced within the demands of modern life.

To find out more about Carol, please visit

Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 9.35.49 PM.png

Imee Contreras, CMT-P

Imee Contreras is the founder of Mindfulness Asia. She is a co-founder of the Philippine Insight Meditation Community and Katahimikan; Philippine National Day of Mindfulness. She is a UCLA-Trained Mindfulness Facilitator, and an authorized UCLA MAPs facilitator. She is  Community Dharma Leadership Program graduate of Spirit Rock Meditation Center, and a visiting teacher at the East Bay Meditation Center.  She served as the Membership Coordinator of International Mindfulness Teachers Association.  She develops mindfulness programs for international companies, schools, and events.  She volunteers to teach incarcerated women serving life imprisonment and also

supports abused women and children in the Philippines.​  


To find out more about Imee, please visit

Carmela Cortez.jpeg

Ma. del Carmen Cortéz (Carmela)

Carmela Cortéz was born in Michoacan, Mexico, the wintering home of the monarch butterflies. Her mother and grandmothers taught her the nature of plants through song and story. They listened to bird song during the day and found form among the stars in the night sky. These are lessons she still carries within her. Her family followed the harvesting seasons, from Spring and Summer in the California central valley to Fall and Winter in her hometown of Purépero. Her mestiza roots and warrior heart are from the Purépecha (Tarasca) lineage. She is a curandera, clinical herbalist, an artist at heart, and a permaculturist with a passion for equity and sustainability.

community healing council


In most cultures, the symbol of a circle represents wholeness, and the potential for unity. When we come together as an intentional community, for personal development and healing, we are honoring the sacred. We will cultivate the collective practice of listening,
witnessing, and holding space for the whole as we heal ourselves by acknowledging what needs to be healed.

We will work with the Seasons, Elements, and Nature as direct mirrors for the healing process. Indigenous cultures recognize that the healing of self is connected to the whole community.



Saturdays, 4:00 - 6:30 PM PST



April 23 (Registration closed)

July 30 (Registration closed)

October 29 (Registration closed)




February 4 (Registration closed)




This is a donation based offering. 

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