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who we are

We are individuals who act responsibly, not only for ourselves but for the benefit of all.  We understand the interconnectedness of all life, both within the internal and the external world.  We exhibit leadership, clarity, and courage to meet ourselves and the growing needs of our planet.  Be it environmental, financial,  equity, or health resiliency, we show up as ambassadors of change.


Empowering diverse communities by fostering transformational change through integrating indigenous wisdom teachings and cross-cultural mindfulness practices. 


We envision a thriving, dignified global community that  honors all living beings and the planet through integrating indigenous wisdom practices with mindfulness.

core values & guiding principles

  • Do No Harm: We move towards the path of least harm towards ourselves, others, and the planet.

  • Honor the Nature of life: We recognize that life is precious and subject to constant change.

  • Honor Self-Care: We are mindful that life is impermeant and therefore we move towards living each moment with an open heart and facing challenges of injustice with resiliency and self-preservation as a form of self-care.

  • Honor the Whole Self: We view integration as a unification of all aspects of ourselves.

  • Honor Collaboration & Cooperation: We understand that leadership is a collaborative endeavor; it values all viewpoints as an extension of the experience of being in our humanity.

  • Honor the Natural World: We view the Natural World as an extension of our higher selves; without this beauty of Nature, we cease to exist.

  • Honor the Mystery: All beings seen and unseen are bound for a harmonious existence.

  • Honor Diversity: We understand that in the Natural World, diversity thrives and co-exists in balance.

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