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Braided Wisdom Leadership training program

Braided Wisdom Leadership is a cross-cultural mindfulness program uniquely described as braiding the way of one’s spiritual path.  Braided wisdom is cultivated by weaving and integrating cross-cultural mindfulness practices of spirituality and earth based practices rooted in indigenous wisdom and modern day understanding of human development to heal, strengthen and transform the human spirit.

mentorship program

Spiritual integrity is valued and seen as the pillar of the relationship between a leader and their trainees/students.  Our mentorship facilitators practice Braided Wisdom’s values and principles as the foundation of their spiritual path.  We view the mentor and mentee relationship as sacred. We thrive on the cultivation of honesty, curiosity, patience, building a relationship of mutual trust, and the development of compassion and wisdom.



We are thankful for the opportunity to provide meaningful resources to our community in these unprecedented times. 

If you feel called to support this work, we welcome your kind and compassionate contribution.



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