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Braided Wisdom Consultancy 

Braided Wisdom Consultancy partners with organizations who share our values to explore possibilities for transformation in their communities.  We work collaboratively to create the relationship and environment needed to support groups with facilitating and leading the change they seek.  Our BIPOC-led approach is grounded within indigenous centered and cross-cultural mindfulness frameworks. Our team members are rooted within spiritual practices which supports deeper presence and attention to the needs of our clients.

We are committed to  collaborating and shaping organizational wellbeing and sustainability, seeing the unseen, and revealing essential relational insights that help build a solid foundation for continuous growth. Our aspiration is to restore and balance the truth and voices of those most impacted by the harm knowingly and unknowingly created by institutional structures. 

Areas of Attention:

  • Relational and interpersonal development

  • Navigating conflict and tension

  • Cross-cultural mindfulness

  • Culture and intentional community building

  • Collaborative leadership development

  • Organizational infrastructure development

  • Business processes

  • Strategic planning and development

  • Technology strategy

  • Communication skill-building  

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